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Our team are here to make your visit go without a hitch





Spa Therapist Owner



  Lifetime achievement award British Awards 2019

Serenity heads up her team and manages the spa on a daily basis. With 30 plus years in the industry and many additional courses she is very highly qualified and guides her team to achieve and exceed expectations.

Customer experience is paramount, Serenity actively encourages training days ensuring you the customer remain our main priority, the passion and drive of Serenity and her team is obvious. In addition Serenity has basic sign language skills which has proven invaluable in THE SPA





Spa Therapist



Rising star of the year

British Awards 2021

Amy was studying level 3 in college when she came to us to complete her 300 hours compulsory work experience.

She slotted into the team like she had always been there, That much so she is still with us.

Amy is very likeable and a great young therapist. Although she is the youngest team member s he is able to relate to people of all ages and prove age doesn't matter in a treatment room. 

Amy is knowledgeable for her years and a wonderfully talented addition to the spa team.

A level 3 therapist with many additional qualifications.

A joy to have in spa.







Senior Spa Therapist



Rising Star of the year

British Awards 2021

Ellie joined THE SPA team in July 2019. she came to us part way through her level 2 training.

 During her time with us she has  proven herself to a wonderful young therapist with natural ability.

Ellie is qualified in level 2 & 3

She holds many additional skills and qualifications.

 Her hands speak a 1000 words, we urge our customers to book with Ellie,

 We can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Ellie is a very rare find.

We are delighted that she worked her way from an apprentice to now being a senior leader in spa.





Spa Therapist

Shannon came as a 17 year old  (2013) and has worked her way through levels 2, 3 and 4 beauty and massage therapy. 

Shannon is passionate about delivering a fabulous service, she has a quiet, calm and friendly personality, 

Shannon is softly spoken, she is an especially fantastic choice for anyone who is visiting a spa for the first time. 

Shannon is especially good for people who may be a little anxious, with her calming nature and nurturing hands she can put even the most nervous guest at ease.

Shannon continues to grow with knowledge and experience.

She is a very valued and appreciated member of our team  

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